Give yourself the edge

David's experience and insight gives current and aspiring firm leaders an edge when tackling key issues and assessing major threats or opportunities.

He acts as a sounding board for leadership teams, free of limiting internal politics. He provides constructive challenge and a credible reality check when faced with high stakes issues.

David's role as MD & Head of Europe for CDPQ has given him a perspective on the global operations of large asset owners and their viewpoint as a client of professional firms that few possess.


The benefit of first-hand experience of setting strategic priorities and winning buy-in from partners & senior executives


Exceptional counsel on rationale for and delivery of successful restructurings

Performance management & compensation

Deep insight into building & enhancing a high performance culture & incentives


Objective, seasoned perspective on strategic options and potential combinations


High value advice on lateral hire, partner & leader selection, succession & governance reviews

International growth

Unrivalled expertise at assessing options for global growth, improving global operations, consolidation & retrenchment

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Photo of David Morley
Photo of David Morley

Working with David

David believes in the value of long-term relationships built on mutual trust and confidence. He provides a flexible advisory service tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Case studies

David worked with a leading Nordic firm to help set a strategy every partner could get behind. He helped the managing partner and the board focus on the key elements of their strategy and reduce it to one page. He led a workshop for the partnership facilitating discussion between partners to build understanding of and buy-in to the strategy. 

Result: a partnership with a sense of direction and alignment on the bigger picture ambitions of the leadership.

David worked with the leadership of a top European firm to help them work through succession from founder partners to the next generation and to bring coherence to their opportunistic international strategy. This involved working with project teams of partners to deliver a presentation to the partner group on international strategy, advising the leadership on managing the succession process and dynamics plus individual leadership coaching. It led to further work on the overall strategy of the firm and a continuing relationship advising on a range of strategy & leadership topics. 

Result: confidence of the leadership that they were addressing the right issues without blinkers, leading to strong support from the partnership for the strategy.

David worked with the managing partner and founder of a large, part family owned, Asian firm in a fast growing but highly competitive market on a wide range of leadership and strategy topics designed to help the firm get ahead of the curve. His work included designing a leadership academy programme to enable the firm to invest in leadership; helping design and deliver a vibrant and stimulating partner conference; advising on projecting the firm’s image in the media; a brand refresh; bringing in connections to deliver an innovative client conference/workshop; and developing a strategy to harvest more international work. 

Result: effective leadership actions driving the firm forward with access to world-class knowledge, insight and experience.

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